We begin with a complimentary interview geared toward learning more about each other.  This time is used to understand why you are interested in improving your muscles(health) and if the Strictly Muscles Process is for you.  We’ll take the time to determine if we are the right fit to help with your issues and goals.


The evaluation is used to determine what your current abilities and limitations are.  To determine that will require us to evaluate your health & exercise history, body measurements, posture analysis, range of motion, and strength capabilities.  We use Muscles Activation Techniques® to evaluate your range of motion and strength capabilities at each joint in the body. The goal is to determine where you are currently at in order to build a plan to lead us to where you want to get in a safe and progressive way.


With the information gathered during the evaluation we have a better understanding of two things, 1) what you can do & 2) what you can’t do.  By knowing this we can create a client-defined Custom-Fit Exercise® program to address limitations and progress strengths. We feel it is important to educate you about your body in order to help you gain a better understanding of the value of a strong muscular system to help you achieve a healthy and pain free life.


Our goal is to start with Muscle Activation Techniques® to improve the function of the muscular system, then progress your resistance training intensity to build a body that is strong and pain free.  This process is geared toward improving your muscular strength to achieve your short term goal while understanding the value of exercise for the rest of your life.


The process of program progression is continuous!  The ultimate goal is to live a healthy, active, & pain free life by improving and maintaining muscular strength for the rest of your life. This requires constantly making adjustments to exercise in an appropriate and safe manner in order to help you get the most out of your body.  

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