“I reached out to Martin because of his knowledge and practices of MAT.  During my sessions with him I noticed a profound professionalism in his approach to my rehabilitation.  Most people don’t understand what it takes to rehab a problem that occurs in the body, time, patience, education, and the know how.  He can give you the proper guidance.”

Dave H.

“Martin is a true technician.  His approach to MAT and training is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I’m certain I wouldn’t be able to log the mileage I do without his help.”

Brian S.

“I would highly recommend that you consider Martin as your MAT specialist.  Since I began including MAT twice a month for the last year I have noticed an increase in my endurance during workouts and less discomfort afterwards in my muscles.”

Daniel J.

“I was amazed at how Martin was able to use MAT to quickly isolate weaknesses throughout my back, shoulder, and legs.  After getting those ‘turned off’ muscles to start firing again, he gave me specific exercises to strength them.  Personally I like getting exercises as homework, because I feel like I’m being given more control of my health.  Since working with Martin, I’ve been able to increase my mileage healthily and stay on track with my training schedule.”

Alex K.

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